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Cat Supplies and Equipment Must-Haves


Are you planning to bring home a new kitten? Well, cats are very adorable pets and those who own them have this sense of fulfillment and responsibility to take good care of them. These animals are not just friendly and domesticated they're also very playful and cuddly. However, just like any other pet, they need to be given sufficient amount of attention so that they remain clean and safe.


In order to be successful at owning a new pet cat, you must ensure you have all the supplies like water fountains for cats and equipment needed to make their lives comfortable, including yours. Here's a list of the most important (indispensable) ones that you have to immediately obtain before your new kitten arrives:


1 - Litter Mats


Every cat owner knows for a fact that one of the most convenient advantages of having them as pets are that they tend to prefer one specific area where they dump their waste. So as the owner, you're inclined to purchase litter mats for them, the obvious purpose of which is to avoid scooping their poop every single time. The litter box mats will serve as their bathroom.


2 - Kitty Bedding


Cats need comfort just like humans do. That's why you need to give them a special place inside your home where they can use for sleeping and resting. There are so many different types of kitty bedding, so you shouldn't be having a hard time looking for one. Just be sure your choice offers two important qualities - soft and warm.


3 - Scratching Posts


Cats, especially young ones have this habit of scratching, and you can never take that nature away from them. It is part of their animal instinct that you can't stop. Your only solution is to give them a place to do the scratching. A scratching post is basically made up of material that's stable and sturdy since you don't want it to tumble or roll when the cat plays with it. Just like bedding you don't really have to worry where to find this cat equipment because it is abundant in pet shops.


4 - Bowl


Buy a bowl for your new kitty, but make sure you have one for food and another one for water. The best option is the stainless steel bowl because it's not just easy to clean, it also can be sterilized. The other options are glass and ceramic, but never go for plastic because it has a specific smell that your cat may read as repellent.


Aside from those four essential cat supplies above, you also have the option to purchase other things to promote your pets' happy life, and this usually includes toys and tools for grooming. To learn more, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_4588392_start-own-pet-store.html.